Single Premium Life Insurance with Living Benefits (800)-290-7226
Presented by Brokers Alliance with guest co-host Michael Simpson.
The hosts go through a redox of single premium life in the late 80s and brings the conversation into the twenty first century with living benefits and simplified issue.

Living Benefits — Morbidity riders embedded on a mortality chassis appears to be in contradiction in actuarial insurance construction, but this hybrid product can have several options such as catastrophic, terminal illness, critical illness and long term care.

Simplified Issue — Full and traditional underwriting in the senior market can disqualify a large segment of the senior population, but with the inclusion of simplified issue with morbidly products, the market has been expanded with a few knock health items.

The Senior Market — The baby boomers will soon be the largest segment of the senior market. The life expectancy for the boomer generation will more than likely continue to extend human longevity and lifestyle viability. But with those new frontiers comes more exposure to morbidity events.

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