Benefits of High Cash Value Life Insurance

Here I explain the benefits of a high cash value life insurance policy. It’s important to understand the benefits here, and what infinite banking and high cash value life insurance have to offer.

Safety, guarantees, tax advantages, accessibility and much more. All this is explained…

Why do we use high cash value life insurance? You can read more in our article here…


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7 thoughts on “Benefits of High Cash Value Life Insurance”

  1. Boy how much are they paying this Bozo to say this? wake up, everyone
    knows that Term is way better than Whole Life, at the end with the Whole
    Life the company stays with the cash value and if you want your money you
    have to take it out as a loan. Don’t be fool by Jerks like these guys they
    will always sell this trash because they think about the money they make
    and not the future of a Family. B E W A R E !!!!!!

  2. The 6,52% growth is misleading. That statistic includes a 27- or 28-year
    period starting in 1980, which included the high-interest years during the
    ’80s and was for a specific policyholder. We’re in a low-interest period
    right now and I doubt anyone will see that level of growth anytime soon. I
    have an eight-year-old MassMutual whole life policy that, 20 years into the
    policy, will have only a 3.36% annualized internal rate of return (IRR),
    based on current dividends. I have to hold it for 30 years before I will
    get 4.48% IRR. Let’s not kid ourselves about getting a 6.5% IRR.

  3. You should of just been a garbage man, collecting and delivering trash
    product. Everything you’ve said is pretty miss leading and i can assure u
    that u probably have term life insurance but u would sell cash value life
    insurance to ur mom or other family members. 

  4. Your best option is to stay away from any form of cash value policies. The
    cash value eats up all your saving to pay the life insurance as you get
    older. Example, If i give you $100. At the end of the year with no growth
    you should have a minimum of $1200 in to your bank right? not 0 for the
    first years. And you would need to fill out a 10 99 for your taxes if the
    money grows or not. Uncle Sam wants to know. So If you do not fill a 10 99
    its not your account. Ask the agent who sells this crap if its a “legal
    investment account?” you should buy term and invest the difference in a
    roth or mutual fund. But stay away from the banks and any form of cash
    value people.

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