Why buy Life Insurance? – It’s for the Living Benefits

Life Insurance isn’t just for the Death Benefit. If you bought Term Life Insurance just a couple of years ago, chances are you do not have the Trifecta of Living Benefits.

The Trifecta of Living Benefits means you’ll be covered for more than just Terminal Illness. In addition, the NEW Term Life Insurance will provide you with a lump sum cash payment should you experience a Critical or Chronic Illness such as Heart Attack, Stoke, Cancer, etc.

Here’s the magic. Statistically speaking, you will have about a 2% chance of dying but a 70+% chance of getting ill AND surviving. Most people DO NOT have any Long Term Care insurance because of its affordability.

So, with inexpensive Term Life from us, you will have that catastrophic coverage in place at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

BTW, we also have a permanent Life program that has Living Benefits in addition creating a stream of TAX FREE income you can use during your retirement. 954-234-7397

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