Term Life Insurance with Living Benefits | Lance Stallings

Find out how life insurance with living benefits can provide financial protection for you and your family.

Severe illnesses can happen at any time, to anyone. Fortunately, families can help protect themselves financially in their time of need with a Transamerica Trendsetter LB life insurance policy. It offers early access to the policy’s death benefit to help pay for expenses brought on by a qualifying critical, chronic or terminal illness.

5 thoughts on “Term Life Insurance with Living Benefits | Lance Stallings”

  1. I own an independent property, casualty, life, and health insurance agency,
    and have for over 13 years. This product is absolutely amazing. As soon
    as I found out about it, I immediately started selling it. This is the
    product we offer almost every time when talking life insurance. The living
    benefits are phenomenal. Thanks a lot Transamerica. Ronny Jetmore 

  2. Good luck Lance. but do not ever puchase a long care policy from
    transamerica, who bought it from some other insurance carrier that went
    bankrupt and then doubled the premium. My other relative lost everything
    they put into his and he sold her the policy. It has ruined the 60 year
    relationship I had with him. My mother had a section of her intestine
    removed, and black bile leaked all over after an unsuccessful first
    surgery. The actually remove the intestine out of your body to clean it,
    and pump out the bile for a month. The nurse transamerica sent out with a
    30 question yes or no statement, said she was capable of getting to the
    toilet on her own and also feed herself. She was deathly ill, with c dif an
    infectious disease . They denied her claim, because they state she was
    capable of walking to the toilet on her own. She is capable of eating, but
    she cant cook or clean. She eats small activia yogurts and ritz crakers
    from Costco. I have to do everything, after she moved in with me. Plus you
    will find out that they only pay about a third of what it will cost for
    these worthless therapists, and nursing homes. She supposedly has a policy
    that today costs over $750 per month for $349. I was forced to just get her
    a baby sitter. She had this policy for over 25 years, and lost over $4k per
    year. These insurance salespeople use unethical predatory practices with
    the elderly to scare them into buying ltc. They tell them that they will
    loose their house, and social security, to the state, which is true. I am
    the heir to my mothers estate, and I would rather loose the $400k house and
    cash than to do busines with TRANSAMERICA. She canceled, and probably lost
    close to $50k. Just do it yourself.

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